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Another "ism" used by homophobes to discredit those fighting for equal rights. Similar to wanting to force schoolchildren to learn about creationism and cry foul when people don't agree, see Christian Persecution Complex.
Bob: Look here you faggot, I don't want to see a bunch o'queers getting married and kissing ya hear me!?

Ashton: Well there tough guy, I don't think that's the issue, I think they just want equal rights, the same way you can marry that thing you call your wife.

Bob: HOMOFASCISM! HOMOFASCISM! HOMOFASCISM! I don't know what fascism means but it ends in "ism" so it must mean something bad. HOMOFASCISM!

Ashton: I don't think wanting to be treated equal is fascism, because fascism mea...

Bob: HOMOFASCISM! What about that one time where that one gay guy said something mean to that one preacher who said he'd burn in hell! He called the preacher a jerk! Next those gays will round up every Christian (despite us representing 80%+ of the population) and put us into concentration camps! They'll make us all do gay things! They'll force Churches to marry them.

Ashton: Churches can refuse to marry gay people the same way they can refuse to marry black people. The same way you refuse homosexuality but judging from that gut of yours, support gluttony.
by ism sounds bad May 1, 2013
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