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Ok to start off emo posers are really annoying they claim they are emo but when situations change so does there persona.
1. They have the "image" of an emo (the hair, tight pants, keys clipped onto their belt loop, "a must have emo band shirt to signify there emoness")
2. The are not really emotional its an act to get some dipshit girl to like them. i.e. they cant write poems or play guitar (when they try they turn the distortion up to 10 and cant even finish a fucking guitar riff) sometimes they will even try to sing! *person shoots themselves with gun*
3. The biggest thing is there "adaptabiltiy" heres a perfect example... i was at this rap/emo band concert a couple weeks back. the first act was this horrendous rap group sure enough all the wannabe emos are trying to dance really fast like a black guy "you know all the usher shit" and trying to show off for their girls i was about to slap one of them because the fakeness was getting to me...., but heres the clincher when the emo band comes on there all back to crying NOT there moshing? yeah since when do emos mosh whatever happened to sit and cry in the corner because i ran out of tampons? hmm im not sure

4 actually heres the best part once the shows over there all quiet and sad and regular emo whats that all about?
ugh the mysterious mind of a person wanting to fit in...
POSERS! stay away from these people
Emo Poser: Rock On Dude!
Emo: I thought you were emo
Emo Poser: oh yeah sorry *sob* my gf left me because i whined to much
Emo: No i think she realized that your totally fake
Emo Poser: This Is Real! Look at my tears!
Emo: Why are you putting eyedrops in?
Emo Poser: SHUTUP!
by im so emo i cry? sure December 08, 2005
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