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a fake name like haywood jablome, mike hunt, and ben dover.
((hey would yah blow me?, my cunt, and bend over))
shafeelya johnson - she'll feel yah johnson
johnson as in penis. :] lmao
i think my friend made that name up, i dont knoww. lol
*(guy calls me)*

him- hey!
me- heey!!
him- this girl added your boyfriend on myspace last night and was like talking to him.
me- really?
him- yeahh!, her name is shafeelya johnson!
me- ...(i didnt say anything but i knew something was up cause of how he said shafeeelya)
him- yeah have you met her yet?
me- uhm noo.
him- do you get it, she'll feel your johnson..
me- yeah i got that like two minutes ago!?
him- sure you did.
me- your just jealous cause i got it the first time. ha
him- nuh uh well here your boyfriend wants to talk to you..

(i start talking to my boyfriend, im a girl bythewayy)
by im not giving my name, August 29, 2008

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