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A musical theatre school, located in Littleton, Colorado. Owners are Paul Dwyer & Alann Worley, who teach acting and dance, respectively. Other instructors include Mary Gottlieb, Melissa Benoist, Dawn Gillen, & others.
The Academy of Theatre Arts, also known as TATA by those upper-level members of ATA, travels with it's two elite groups, STARS and Sr. Showcase, to Disneyland each summer to perform for 4 or 5 days. This trip is the main time when the members of ATA, specifically STARS, become even closer and create new memories. STARS consists of 4 boys and 4 girls, the elite of TATA. They often say that they "run" TATA, and that they do. The girls of STARS are almost always gorgeous, upscale, big-headed, bitchy, very funny, somewhat dimwitted (Sam Burley, in particular), and extremely talented. They are always making fun of somebody, though the object of their mocking usually doesn't know. The girls of STARS are extremely close, many of them calling each other "bestfrannns", specifically Hannah Seiler, Jessica Benson, and Kristina Benoist. They define this relationship as one of best friends, but, of course, they are making fun of a previous member of ATA by using this term. These girls do everything together, from going to midnight premiers, making shirts, and going to dinner together at least once a week. They also will drive great distances to see each other, including Shannon Nishi who lives farther out towards the East.
The Academy of Theatre Arts has such a great group of performers, especially those in STARS!!
by ilovetdt November 23, 2009

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