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It is used in a sentence; Mary is HAPPY because she got her own stuffed toy. (haa-pee), Happy.
Opposite; Mary is MAD because she hasn't got a stuffed toy. (mah-d), Mad.
Sad; Kandelle is SAD because her friend Devan got her Toy. (Saah-d), Sad.
Nervous; I am very NERVOUS cause i am in my new school. (Nerr-vhus), Nervous
Amazed; I am AMAZED on my surprise party. (A-mayzd)
by iiqxlvs fan February 22, 2021
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If you see people saying 'PLS ROBUX' They mean the currency in-game, You will have to pay for them. And if they say 'ROBUX PLSS' even if you dont know what Robux means, im here to explain what it means.
1 - Noobs On Robux
They beg for robux so that they can change their avatar and buy some game passes. Noobs could spend robux quickly. Most of the noobs start off with 2017 Avatar , Softies and Wanna-be Copy And Pastes/Slenders. After they spent their robux, they'll might keep begging so they could change.
Robux The Currency Ingame, You can buy it from the game ROBLOX.
ROBLOX The Game / Robux (Currency Ingame)
by iiqxlvs fan May 17, 2021
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a person that's alive.

like you. you're a human, and you're alive.

some people (plural for person) are also not alive
person: Hey i'm a person!!
person: Me too!!
by iiqxlvs fan November 5, 2021
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Shes a best roblox player, and a best tiktoker MOSTLY. her user is "ilysmhhhh"
and also follow her social medias! - iiqxlvs fan
by iiqxlvs fan February 18, 2021
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so, if they use 'Fwairy' ex. (fwairycupz) in their usernames / display names , they just use it for softness and cuteness but it basically means 'Fairy' they just added a 'w' for cuteness / design !! or they just want to be aestethic . ^^
by iiqxlvs fan May 17, 2021
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an intense feeling of deep affection.
"babies fill parents with feelings of love"
a great interest and pleasure in something.
"his love for football"
feel deep affection for (someone).
"he loved his sister dearly"
like or enjoy very much.
"I just love dancing"
by iiqxlvs fan February 24, 2021
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Meaning of the other March,
A Month of the year;
"I can't believe it's march."

Another meaning,
Verb; "marching, march"
"Everyone has to March!"
"Marching is fun" and "its March today."
by iiqxlvs fan March 9, 2021
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