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To have three feet instead of two.
Person 1: "I have one more foot than two feet."

Person 2: "That means you have three feet."
by I Wear One Sock April 08, 2010
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A country with problems, although is still the greatest country that has, does, or will ever exist. Bashed by jealous and ignorant European democratic socialists (aka really sneaky communists and people who dont want to work) as well as obnoxious American liberals who became whiney idiots in 10th grade because they were picked on and now have a grudge against the established world. A country whose current president and his predecessor have and had potential but failed quite thouroughly to govern the country. A country that is facing great difficulties and challenges but will persist and thrive no matter what gets thrown at it. The USA is the greatest country in the world.
The USA is nowhere near perfect but is nevertheless by far the greatest country in existance.
by I Wear One Sock May 06, 2010
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