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A retarded seal isn't really a seal. He's accually an asshole who dosen't say hi to you when you say hi to it/him. Retarded Seals are quite stupid ovbiously from the name. They usually have jew-fros and say "WHAAT?!" all the time. Retarded Seals also have Type 1 Diabetes along with ADD. They are sad poeple with very big eyebrows who might just be loners for the rest of their lives. They also usually walk around school thinking they're the shit. Retarded Seals also have the tendency to have really stupid and annoying laughs and they absoutley positivley do not know how to spell for their lives.
Alice: "Did you see Mark today?"
Rian: "Yeah, he was a total Retarded Seal."
Alice: "I know...he failed his spelling test too."
by i love strawberries(: <3 May 14, 2011

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