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starting a problem or fusing an argument/bad situation.
scene: a car accident just took place at a mall.

man 1:i'm sorry, look i have my insurace company, i can pay to have your car fixed up, and hey while i'm at it why don't we go and have some coffee while we wait for the tow truck, huh?

woman: i have my insurance too, i have 21century

man 1: me too!

woman: oh! so it'll be easier than i thought and thank you for your offer to pay for this i couldn't afford to fix it up.

man 2: OH SHITTT NIGGGA!!!! LIKE WHAT DA FUCK!!! this BITCH NIGGA just to' (tore) yo ca (car) UP!!! dAMN i'd HATE to be you bitch, cuz god damn...

woman: oh there's no probl....

man2: bitch ,wtf do you mean??? loook at this shit, you need to fuk this nigga up, see over there, next to the trees, they got some loose bricks, go 'head pick some up and hit em with it, it'll make you feel better i garantee!!

woman: no really i'm just..

man2: 'eyy!!!! lady you needs to chill it, stop taking yo anger out on me, kick THAT (points to man 1) NIGGAS ASS. shit if i were you!
(man 2 walks off)
crowd: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!! snap!! look at that, she just gone let him get away with that!?!?!?

woman nervous under pressure slaps man 1 and walks off,

MAN 1: WTF 'man 2' you are JOCKIN!
and so are you woman
by i've seen no progress! August 06, 2011

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