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Used to eliminate the major details of story so as to sterilize and shorten it.
We went back to his apartment, yadda yadda, then I went home.
by I'll Never Tell March 02, 2004

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one confunsed town that has 2 many hills and a fucked up population. located in good ole massachusettes and yes this town is "blessed" with a boston accent
Draconians typical opening conversation on a saturday:
Dude! did ya go to the football game last night?
me too, how bad did we lose?
by i'll never tell November 04, 2004

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Life is like a dick, when it gets hard fuck it!
by I'll never tell August 21, 2003

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1. Home of the Longhorns and Michael Dell.

2. The capital building here is larger than the one in Washington, DC.

3. Gateway to that world famous attraction, the Schlitterbahn.
Let's go to Austin, TX to watch the Longhorns beat the Aggies!
by I'll never tell February 29, 2004

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Another word for shush.
"Would you please shiish!"
by I'll Never Tell May 17, 2004

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Another word for hush.
"Would you please hiish!"
by I'll Never Tell May 17, 2004

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a cat that sometimes acts like a dog.
a "stoner kitty."
nermal and i got so high last night; that cat loves her marijuana.
by I'll never tell October 11, 2004

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