2 definitions by i love farley

someone who is quite the asshole. that guy down the street that whenever u walk on his lawn he flips shit. the boss from "OFFICE SPACE"...mmmmkk
aww kyle, u asshole, ur such a meanie
mr lebron hates it when people walk on his lawn, such a meanie.
that guy from office space, i forget his name, yea he was a meanie!

member when u were in teh beatles?..ya that was awesome!...hey member the time u sang that song hey jude, ...yea that was awesome...--chris farley interviewing paul mccartney SNL style
by i love farley March 05, 2004
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a movie with chris farley, and david spade, much like BLACK SHEEP, but not. you see in black sheep they were tryin to get farleys brother elected governor, and in tommy boy they try to keep tommy's poppa duke's car company (aka callahan motors), alive
mr callahan has this new whore wife, who only wants his money, and shes actually married to her "son", and then when mr c dies she wants his money, but then they figure out she was already married, so the mr c/whore marriage was illegal, so she doesnt get teh money YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!
by i love farley March 05, 2004
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