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1. import hater
2. a person that thinks any other car then a USDM car is crap.
3. A person that does not know any thing about cars just that there car can beat any car out there because its an american car.
4. The usual american car driver that claims he/she beat every car out there even if no body has ever seen these cars he/she has beating or even seen this person race once.
5. The american version of a ricer.
I hate it musclehead puts a flowmaster muffler tip on a car and claims it adds 50hp+ but makes fun of a ricer that slaps on a coffe can tip and claims that same crap. I love it when they add an aggressive cam and start the car up only to hear the death rattle of valves smacking the pistons. "Slap a cam in there and slam on a flowmaster tip and that car can beat any thing"
he/she buys a base model mustang and claims he can beat a porsche 911 because the 911 is a "crappy import"

musclehead "I beat a crappy ferrari with my (insert typical american mid sports car here), to bad you did not see me"
by i hate musleheads September 02, 2005

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