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a place where kids CANNOT keep a boyfriend or girlfriend for more than two weeks. a place meant for learning but is mostly used for social and other purposes. usually for kids in 7th and 8th grade often ages range from 13-15, but there are a lot of people out there that are 35 and are still in jr. high. and still havent had a mate for over two weeks
boy 1 he buddy look I'm in jr hiiiiiiiiii
boy 2 hahahaha u sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeaked
boy 1 hahaha u squeeeeeeeeaked too
both together sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak
by I fuck dumb bitches May 11, 2005
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a dumb shallow whore, who wouldn't like a guy, but would love and be all up on the same guy if he had fame, money, etc.
guy 1:look at the dumb ass whore, she's such a gold digger.
guy 2: lets throw rocks at her head, maybe it will fix her problem
by I fuck dumb bitches April 27, 2005
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the funniest comedian I've ever heard. died reciently of a drug over dose. said things like "I ordered a club sandwich and I'm not even a member. you say u like your sandwich with three slices of bread? me too lets form a club. we need more speculations. instead of cutting the sandwich once, we will cut it twice. and we will put things in the middle of the sandwich like potato chips, or salad. how do u feel about frilly tooth picks? I'M FOR EM! I like sprouts on my salad. Well your not in the fucking club!
waiter: what kind of sandwich would you like sir?
Mitch: Pastrami
waiter: and what kind of bread would u like on your sandwich?
Mitch: banana bread.
waiter: and what kind of cheese?
Mitch: cottege cheese.
waiter: I'm not making no fucking banana bread cottege cheese pastrami sandwich!!
by I fuck dumb bitches April 27, 2005
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goat punch also known as a donkey punch to some... then a man is drilling his partner in the poo nanny from behind her (usually a different partner is used every night) right before climax, he punches her in the back of the head, which causes the whore to tighten her loose hole, resulting in a better orgasm for the man, and sometime a child for the whore.
pimp "u like that bitch"
loose whore "ya ya fuck me ya"
pimp about to nut punches her firmly in the back of the skull, sometimes causing brain damage. but always resulting in the tighting of the vagina
by I fuck dumb bitches April 15, 2005
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1)the most retarded car ever made. often found in high school parking lots with import(euro) tail lights (even tho it is a domestic car) sometimes containing a muffler, go fast stickers, go fast winshield wipers, or go fast lights.
2) a car that poverty people and retards buy and often fix up because they watched fast and the furious, but couldn't afford a real car or an import.
3) a 2.0 4 banger that is slower than shit but often drivin by kids who think they could beat a jet.
"Racing a neon is like being in the special olympics, even if you win you're still RETARDED!!!!!!!!"
by I fuck dumb bitches April 27, 2005
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how fat your penis is.
I got so much girth, that when I feed the geese I can't even touch my fingers, they won't reach
by I fuck dumb bitches April 27, 2005
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stands for "kuz mexicans are rich too." a cheap store mostly consisting of cheap merchandise, where only poverty stricken citizens shop.
hey look that kid is wearing kmart shoes. lets beat him up!
by i fuck dumb bitches November 06, 2007
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