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One who takes recognition in something they are.
"I Am Powerful", "I Am Beautiful", "I Am Gay", "I Am Strong", "I Am a person who can freely express who I Am" & etc..
by i Am The Truth June 27, 2013
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A crandall is a being slightly above human yet slightly below the gods

To dominate at anything and everything
Guy1-Man Kevin is destroying us today, how is he so good at this?
Guy2-What nobody told you? He is a Crandall that's why.
Guy1- Damn I wish I was a Crandall.
by i Am The Truth May 31, 2012
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a decent death metal band from arizona, though hated by most death metal fans for their "pig squeals", even though the sound is just a by-product of of the lead singer's style; any lyric with an 'e' sound, such as knee, will sound like a pig squeal
dumbass: Wow, Job For A Cowboy is so gay.

Me: Why?

dumbass: cuz they use fuckin pig squeals

Me: uhhh...no, its just the lyics.....
by i Am The Truth November 6, 2007
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