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One of those peeps who looks down upon your engagement, because marriage is too "bougez" for their liking. They will tell you this while simultaneously holding "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel on vinyl in one hand and "On The Road" by Jack Kerouack in the other. Ask them about either and they wont know what the hell they are talking about because instead of actually reading or listening to music they take pictures of the covers and put them on social media sites. They are also identified by a patch or button advertising over generalized leftist values attached to a sweater from Goodwill. Hipsters generally tuck them into thrifted high waisted shorts with a belt from American Apparel that also looks thrifted but was actually $50.00. If you still can not tell if they are a Hipster, chat them up, more likely than not they will be sure to tell you that whatever your saying is offensive to them, especially the real discreet things you say that are actually not offensive at all.
Kristi: Yo Tabatha! This Green Tea is Dope, all my Niggies drink this $hit, you got to try it.

Tabatha: Kristi, saying "Green Tea" is offensive and appropriated. I understand that you didn't know any better, but i'd feel much more comfortable if you called it "Green Water From The Asian Lands" next time.

Kristi: Dayumnn Tabatha, that was a test and you failed. Now go get yourself a PBR, you overpriced PBR drinking, Hipster.
by humus rulz 101 December 29, 2016
The male half of the student population at any university. Have huge egos and generally aren't afraid to toy with all the girls hearts. Khaki pants.
I really thought he cared about me but...alas, he's a college boy who only cares about all the fucks he doesn't give.
by humus rulz 101 March 27, 2014
When you drink orange juice straight out of the container
I gave my entire family herpes because I've been Junoing when no one was looking all day
by humus rulz 101 December 29, 2016