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Mgmt (previously known as The Management)is a growingly popupar band originally listened to by college kids. It takes a really cool open minded person to truly appreciate their music.

MGMT consists of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldhasser, and hails from Brooklyn NY.

Their music is like nothing you've ever heard. In fact there is almsot no way to define it. Instead of gloryfying dead rock bands like other present bands, they take it all the way back to the hippie days.

Many bands today will try to claim their music as experimental or different but THIS, my good friend, is what someone can truly call epic.

You may have heard some of their songs on MTVU, 21, etc. but this hasn't changed the band in the least bit. They weren't even planning on going mainstream in the first place. Because the truth is, their music is best enjoyed when you discover it yourself...

If you call yourself a fan of theirs because you heard Time to Pretend on Gossip Girl, then you're here for the wrongest reasons.
It isn't alternative or power-pop, no, those are labels for pretentious "rock" bands like Metro Station.

The closest way to define MGMT's music would be "psychadellic".
by how ya doin? September 06, 2008
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