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hi sisters is a term that the youtuber and the person that lost the most subscribers in a day, James Charles says in the beginning of all of his videos, if you don't know who James is he is a makeup content creator who has been in a lot of Sister Scandals the past few years. but the term Hi sisters means hello my female\feminine siblings.
Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel.
by hola soy doraaaa April 17, 2022
most famously used in the meme "that hurt like butt cheek on a stick" it shows that the person who is saying it is in severe pain but can also be used as a joke with friends i personally use it when i get tattoos
OUCH! that hurt like a buttcheekonastick
by hola soy doraaaa April 17, 2022
that meme that went out of date and is long in the past but i still think it is a legendary meme ,it is of an obese bugs bunny that's all you need to know.
im a big chungussss
by hola soy doraaaa April 17, 2022