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when your boyfriend/girlfriend has such total control over you, that your not allowed to talk to your friends, family etc when you are with them. You will turn you phone onto silent as soon as you are with this person, but then go calling back people as soon as your boyfriend/girlfriend is not there, and are bored.
Alison is so whipped by Aaron, she has to put her phone on silent every time she is with him.
by heinie hole December 12, 2006

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This usually happens from too much drankin'.
While sitting on the pot after having filled it to the brim with butt mud, the smell becomes so sickening that you are forced to swing around and throw up into the bowl, thus turning 180 degrees.
I was so hungover this morning I pulled a 180 at work and almost hit my head on the sank.
by heinie hole October 03, 2006

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