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Yo! Frenchy's is tha best muthafuckin chicken joint in h-town (If you dont know what h-town is-kill yo self! This is tha home of grain, candy pain, chopped & screwed, grillz, purpa oil and trill niggas!)..anyways, Frenchy's is located in tha Durty 3RD, on Scott St. near Yates High School..Fuck Timmy Chan's!..that's dog meat, erbody know dat!...and Hartz Chicken...please! Frenchy's is seasoned sooooo damn good it tastes just like gramama's chicken. Eat it bitch, you'll love it!
"DAMN!! that Frenchy's! chicken smell GOOD!!"
by h-tOwN-bUrBiE-gUh! August 16, 2006
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