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Crotchquake is what's caused for the viewer when a person moves crotch-first into a video camera, causing the video camera to shake.
Bruce Springsteen caused a crotchquake for the entire viewing audience of Superbowl XLIII, by sliding on his knees across the stage into a camera during his halftime show.
by h-dog w/ spizy must'd February 01, 2009
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pronounced NYOR-kee

The way mushrooms make your body feel. The good feeling of moving parts of your body (like fingers, toes, tongue, cheeks, nostrils) and rubbing them against each other during a mushroom body high. It does not describe the spiritual insights (like unity or harmony with the universe) or visual experiences (like colors, glowing or streaking) that are associated with mushrooms. The word can also be used to describe the imaginary woodland reality that mushrooms inspire. For instance, a picture of a psychedelic gnome can be gnorky.
"Let's go to my friend's cabin in the woods and get gnorky."

"Look at Nate flexing his fingers and rubbing his feet together - he must be feeling gnorky."
by h-dog w/ spizy must'd July 04, 2006
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