6 definitions by h is a pog letter pog pog pog

a thing someone types when they know about unicode and want to look weird
usually what people type when they are bored over and over again, or stressed.
Person 1: lol ez
Person 2: ghfrujdfhdjghdfgjkd
Person 1: haha
a duck made out of unicode, that's it.
Person 1: i like ducks
Person 2: ▟-
Person 1: aww a duck!
all the things you can get from that weird key on the keyboard that you'll never use
it also takes you 3 years to figure out how to get the ¦ out of it, as you never use alt gr either.
Person 1: `¬¦
Person 2: ew thats a useless key
Person 2: wait how did you get that wierd :
Person 1: ¦