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A devoted fan of the band Better Than Ezra. Originated as a play on the word "Israelite."
Ezralites tend to gather in New Orleans in December and during Mardi Gras for the annual concerts.
by guess who? June 18, 2004

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a male version of a syndrome known as woodie syndrome, sufferes report incredibly bad luck with people of the opposite gender, despite being incredibly gorgeous. strikes once one has become to fit 4 people to like
oh, god, you dont have a case of the arran rose do you?
by guess who? September 03, 2003

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Academy of Idiotic Tendencies. Contains faggots like Sean, Brian 'jew' Michaels. They commonly look at pornography on the computer at school, specifically nude pictures of ms bartels. And have little friends
Adam is the coolest and 1337357 person in AOIT. He pwnz.
by guess who? February 19, 2003

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Wannabe player, LITTLE in every way, skinny, lanky, and has a dirty face
Small willy, and small mind
by Guess Who? January 17, 2005

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WEN YER kahrazzzzy!!!!
I'm kahrazzzy....
That was just kahrazzzy
by guess who? October 14, 2003

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Literally stands for noob x 3, therefore he is three times the noob level than that of a standard noob.
n3s a noob :P
by guess who? March 24, 2004

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Fullerton Union High School. Or just Fullerton High.
Im stuck at FUHS away from all my friends. i'm an idiot for going there
by guess who? September 28, 2003

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