1 definition by got warheads?

a girl who is a rocker. one who listens to heavy music(pantera,otep,korn,slipknot)and foriegn heavy music (rammstein, megahertz) that would usually scare other girls. rocker chicks act like one of the guys. activities include laughing at or making obscene jokes or comments, vandalising public property, spitting, headbanging or moshing. rockers chicks attire usually includes black nails, lots of random bracelettes, spikey jewely, a studded belt, torn jeans, band t shirt and some type of skater shoe weather they skate or not. often loud and has a habit for cursing.
also, like other rckers, may have a random taste for rap music.
likes to greet people by making a rock fist and sticking their tongue out.
rocker chick or any rocker should not be confused with a punk, emo, scene, or goth. has lots of friends
did that rocker chick just call me a pussy!?

rocker chic just got tickets to the disturbed concert and she got crowd surfed to the stage where she made out with the lead guitarist infront of thousands of people!
by got warheads? January 15, 2006