19 definitions by george w. bush

jibberishDang ol', I tell you what, you gon' go kiss her. Ok man? You know what I'm sayin'?/jibberish

jibberishYa cow! Man you... dang ol'... stole my car! Aww man{/jibberish
by george w. bush July 28, 2003
A pizza restaurant featured in the most annoying song ever.
"McDonalds, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut"
by george w. bush July 9, 2003
Some vegetable from Afghanistan. Could be Bin Ladin's secret plan to kill us all.
Don't eat your carrots. They may be WMDs.
by george w. bush June 23, 2003
The illegal union of two homosexual women as sinners.

Also see gayriage, lesriage, and faggage.
"If the Olsen sisters were to get illegally married, it would be a twincestuous dikeage!"
by george w. bush July 30, 2005
Unitary Guerilla Platoon - One of the oldest Counter-Strike teams in the Universe. Owned and operated by the oldest man on Earth, SirScoots. SirScoots started his career playing with Jesus of Nazareth.

UGP is the greatest team on the planet, except when they dont practice and when playing on fire and when playing any team that does practice more and also except when playing against mexicans.
Wow, UGP just raped us, Newman is soo hot.
by george w. bush September 13, 2004
"Tell him he can lick out my ass basket if he thinks he's coming in here again."
by george w. bush February 15, 2003