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its when you shove your leg into a womans vagina and press it like a gas pedal, as you do that you give her a massive titty twister ( as you were starting a car ) then punch her in the face to symbol a horn.
fuck bro i was all drunk and shitz and this bitch was all yo g stack wanna give me a G stacking THE dashboard homm-e G? i was all like hellz yeah weres my keys oh wait its your tater tots. respect. WORD
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Its when you are totally like beating your meat, and you stick your dick in her mouth and jizz down her throat. You then punch her in the stomach making her almost puke. Before she pukes from all the jizz and punching, and throw her to the ground. And then backflip, and land on her stomach, making her puke with all force right back onto her face. you then cuntpunt her, take all her money and leave. ( never calling her again )
So yeuh boii i was like on da streetzz pickin up some mad cush stacks, and then i saw this bitch tits, and she was all like. Yo homie to the shizz nigger, wanna nice blow job?" and then i was like "sure bitch tits, and then the swantonmom her. and took her money"
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