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N. An expression of surprise describing the process of getting piss drunk, then fucking a transvestite hooker, and waking up with shitballs in your ass. In conjunction with your hangover, you may find yourself either good surprised, or bad surprised, followed by the realization that holy shit your wife is going to be home in ten minutes/this bastard just fucked your wife/you're fucking gay.

Etymology - Derived from holy fuckballs, changed the word "fuck" from its verb/adjective case to a pure adjective to modify the word "shit", which, when added onto the term "balls" describes a penis that has recently gone through anal sex without a condom. Hence, "shitballs". Other variations include "shitdick" and "shitcock" and "shitwang" and finally, "shitpenis".
Holy Fucking Shitballs!

Who the fuck are you?
I'm gerry, remember me? We just had hot, sweaty, nasty anal sex.
Holy Fucking Shitballs
Hell yeah man, priest fucked me real good round about when I was ten.
by fuck you, the mighty fucker! October 15, 2010
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