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Left wing is considered the Liberals or Democrats; they typically feel like the rich should help pay the way for the poor. They are anti-constitutional (especially 1st amendment and 2nd amendment). They believe in Medicaid, Medicare, and welfare. They think that because they have made a good life for themselves they should be obligated to pay more in taxes (hence more to welfare). They think everyone should share what they made while the liberals sit on there asses and think how can we get the rich to pay us more money.
Hey John you made $100,000 this year, you will have to pay AMT taxes. You are making to much money, you will have to pay more in taxes to help the poor who sit on their asses and collect welfare. They made four more kids so now they collect even more in welfare. All the while they just have more and more kids so that the rich have to pay their way more and more. As a left winged liberal we should "share and share alike"

Hey Susie I see you got a 4.0 in college, you did to good share some of that with Tom so he can go to better school. You see Tom sat around and partied through college only earning a 2.0. Susie should give Tom 1.0 that way they both have a 3.0. "Share and share alike" is what we left winged liberals say
by floridagq February 25, 2008
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