24 definitions by fantastic dan

What you say to one dumb fucking moron. When someone says something so idiotic, moronic or retarded that you have to remind them that shoes come in pairs.
Jeff: I think Vulcanize Society
Me: Shut the hell up, shoes come in pairs
Jeff: Derr! I'm so stupid
Me: Yeah, you are.
by Fantastic Dan October 04, 2005
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A five dollar bill, because Abe lincoln looks like frankenstein. Or it could be a five dollar bill that someone drew scars on good 'ol honest Abe's face, and bolts on his neck.
Ian: Hey man, spot me a frankenstein, i need to buy a some coke.
Jeff: That's pretty cheap, are you sure it's coke, and not carpet fresh?
man, someone drew some crap on Abe, now he really is Frankenstein, man, he's got a five head.
by Fantastic Dan October 14, 2005
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Made to not offend people, but actually creates a greater gaps between people of different races, religions, etc. It's actually worse than being racist, because it's the context of what your saying, not what you actually are saying, that matters.
Being politically correct was probably thought up by the KKK.
by Fantastic Dan November 21, 2005
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