1 definition by facebookers annonymous.

one who is more obsessed with checking their wall posts, comments, chatting with people, liking statuses, taking social interview questions, playing farmville, quoting song lyrics, laughing at inside jokes, putting up pictures of themselves with gang signs, randomly adding people they've never actually met but have 20 mutual friends, "curiously reading" other people's profiles, or poking people than actually getting work, homework, or a social life in order to live.
"oh i just want to check my notifications...oh new wall post?....you lost a chicken? oh no....."like"... "LOL karen, i look fat in this picture take it off! but you look so caauutte"....what was i doing again...?"

"happy birthday!"
"how'd you know it was my birthday?"
"oh FACEBOOK, silly!"
"....what was your name again?"

"dude how did julie know my birthday?"
"oh man, she's a complete facebook addict...i'll totally take back the gift i gave to her farmville..."
by facebookers annonymous. February 24, 2010
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