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coricidin is also reffered to as skittles, triple c's, whities, etc. . .
if you take more than the recomended dose i guarrantee you the best trip you will ever have. that is if you like trippin balls. if you just like to get a little buzz these are not the things for you to take. trippin skittles is like a very weird dream. everything just seems so weird and different even if everything is fine. for example, one time i popped 16 of them bitches and was sitting downstairs w/ my older brother and i looked at him and was like, wat time is it? and he was like, its 7. i said. . .7? 7? is that late? its 7? 7,7,7,7,7,7, etc. and just kept saying 7 really fast for no reason. and one time when i was at school i took 20, layed my head down on the desk when i started to trip, then i felt like i was gonna throw up but in my mind i thought ppl would've thought i was weird if i got up, so i sat there and started puking up spit and was gagging real bad, then when i got done i layed my head right down in it and went to sleep. lol. they also make you walk like a duck. but if you smoke pot on top of it you'll walk like a robot and get incredibly fucked up. i've had a few ppl tell me that they never wanted to see those things again b/c they got too fucked up and it freaked them out. but i dont recomend anyone take them. they're VERY dangerous. i got hooked on them BAD. i got used to throwing up every time i took them so i made sure i was around a trash can an hour after taking them. it got so bad that i ended up having to crush them up just to take them b/c i couldn't put them in my mouth w/ out throwing up. i could look at them and gag. but anyways, DONT TAKE THEM TO GET FUCKED UP!! the high you get is from your brain swelling and the blood running down the back of your neck and spine!! its a KICK ASS trip but i'de hate to be the one to pay the consequences!
trippin on coricidin is a trip i guarrantee you will not get from anything else!
by ex skittle head May 23, 2008

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