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Perfect little breasts typically on a small framed woman. Nipples usually stand straight up. Definitely not floppies.
Man that cute little chick had some nice little perkies didn’t she?
by ererueru July 21, 2020

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Janitor type of guy who stands around with a mop and a bucket in the back of the adult bookstores listening intently for men who are orgasming in the private booths watching sex videos. As soon as he hears a few squirts he gets his mop ready and after the man exits the private booth he starts doing his job. That is, mopping up the jizz that’s hopefully contained to just on the floor and not on any of the walls.
I used to be a high-powered attorney. Now I’ve been reduced to being a jizz mopper in an adult bookstore.
by ererueru July 22, 2020

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