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The typical scene kids:

- Females are often whores who likes to expose themselves on photographs they take of themselves.
- Stupid hair that they think is unique when in fact they're just fuckin clones of each other.
- They think being bi is the coolest thing ever.
- Very vain and claim to be ugly when in fact alot of them appear to be pretty WITH their heavy make-up. Without it is a different matter...
- Talk like chavs. Behave like chavs. Are pig shit thick like chavs.
- They try too hard to be 'da sex'. They often make asses of themselves and cool people from the rock scene tend not to want to be associated with them.
- Spoilt and get everything they want, yet they still find things to complain about.
- They have NO passion for music at all and simply annoy everyone else who does.
- When they go to concerts they try to push in with their 'gang' of total idiots who look exactly the same as them.
- They talk about sex alot.
- And not one of them ever stops to think when they call themselves 'scene kids', they are being completely the opposite of being unique and fitting themselves into a stereo type.
- When you have to stand next to one it makes you feel violent and agressive and gives you the need to kill.
- They are attention seekers.
Scene Kidz: *screams stupid lyrics*
Scene Girl 1: OMG OLI SYKES IS TTLY HOT. I wanna get in hiz pants. When he sees me he'll wanna strip.
Scene Girl 2: yeah, like bmth are da bomb! the screaming iz da shit.
Scene Girl 3: like my hair? i sprayed it some bright colour to be unique.
Scene Girl 2: oh i lurrrrv it! u r so hot! though that girl over there has done exactly the same colour. but yr leik way hotter leik.
Scene Girl 3: she is so copying me. but yh leik, i look hotter. *twiddles hair*
(Scene Girl 1 feels ignored)
*Bashes into someone and starts giggling*
Scene Girl 1: ARENT I COOL?!!
Everyone who is at the concert for the music: NOOOOOOOOO!!!
by emzii x March 05, 2009

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