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a friend is someone who is always there for u...and i am always here for u kerry...i love u sOoOo much...im not used to u bein down and u will feel better...as long as u tlk to me,ill kp u happy =)
sum1 to talk to wen ur not feeling too good....and our little "booty" at tennis sure cheered u up!!...kerry<3
by ell aka superchuck =) May 10, 2005

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hmm....odd....odd is me and nick (hee hee)...we have come up that it is good to b odd...and that normal is just silleh...and that people who are normal are sheeeeps =) i have no idea what else to say...i love u nick <3
an odd thing me and nick do is our shexi lesbinam loving =)
by ell aka superchuck =) May 08, 2005

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