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‘Brexiting’ is a word used for when you say youre leaving, but not actually leaving
john: i’m leaving!
john: *stays*

greg: why is he still here

johnny: don’t worry greg he’s ‘Brexiting’
by elkie says stan loona April 26, 2019
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what’s living if you’re not doing it the #kesway

thanks to The King Edmund School for giving the students even more of a reason to take the piss out of your shitty school <3
me: bruh what did you do
friend: i pushed a year 7 down the stairs
me: that’s not very #kesway
by elkie says stan loona October 15, 2019
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The king edmund school also known as KES

Is a shitty british school where the kids are assholes and give me and many other anxiety etc
The teachers don’t do shit about bullying and care more about my skirt length
Please do not come close to this hell hole
Please if you come in contact with a Kesbian

Me: I go to The King Edmund School, what about you?
Mutual: *runs*
by elkie says stan loona June 7, 2018
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