16 definitions by el fredo

A clever and not obvious way of expressing hostility.

Fuck yoU In The AssHole With A Big Rubber Dick
Person A: Linkin Park sucks!

Person B: Fuitahwabrd!
by El Fredo April 11, 2004
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Whale of a Ham. A ham product that Cary Grant's character was assigned to market in this one movie. I don't remember which one.
If you ain't eatin' Wham you ain't eatin' ham.
by El Fredo November 03, 2004
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One who adopts some Goth attitudes but dresses normally at a greater rate and focuses on raising awareness of the corruption of rock and defeating the corrupt music industry. Joths listen primarily to metal, hard rock, and punk and they avoid pop and imitation rock.

Awareness of this culture was brought to me by one known to myself only as Jeydehn.
Don't you Joths ever stop whining? This will always happen as long as there's money to be made.
by El Fredo September 10, 2004
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A thread on a forum that has become doomed due to excessive spam, flaming, or general idiocy. Unlike spam, toast referst to an entire thread, rather than an individual post or series of posts.
I had a good thread going but then some jackoff started flaming and now it's toast.
by El Fredo March 07, 2005
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An action or concept that is jackass for two reasons.
Reach my hand into electrified copper sulfate? No way, man, that's a double jackass idea.
by El Fredo October 27, 2004
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To threaten with violence in an attempt to gain money and other possessions.
This guy jumped in front of me with a knife and started dragooning me, but I'm a ninja so I sent his nose through his brain.
by El Fredo November 02, 2004
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Conforming to laws and/or rules. Accepted by a ruling or administrative body.
Hippy 1: Alcohol is legal, man, but pot isn't, man.
Hippy 2: I know, man, what's up with that, man? I mean, who says what's legal, man?
Police: Open up! We know what you're doing and it's not legal!
by El Fredo October 26, 2004
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