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the fucking asshole that erased the original definition of this word
If you erased my original defintion, then you are a cocksucker, and a shit idiot. Fuck you, go choke on a cock and die you filthy whore!
by Eat a dick February 20, 2004

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diapers for the nearly dead

old people poop their pants.....bwhahahaha
When I showed up with her groceries, I had to tell the Crypt Keeper that her Oops I Crapped My Pants were out of stock. But I need them! she said.

How do you know about Oops I Crapped My Pants? Because I'm wearing them and I just did.
by Eat a dick February 20, 2004

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someone one who likes to mastrbate to granny sex
I caught chris passouted in front of his computer with vasoline and tissues everywhere watching granny sex, man that kid is an oldafile.
by eat a dick November 08, 2003

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what you, your mother, and your father have
After I shot my load in your mom's mouth, she had goo dripping tonsils.
by Eat a dick February 20, 2004

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racecar spelled backwards is racecar
Fuck you all!
by eat a dick February 22, 2004

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Someone who is upsetting or quarrelsome.
Jessica is such a biznatch. What a fucking slutty ass biznatch.
by Eat A Dick December 24, 2002

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