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the single most progressive, innovative and underappreciated hip-hop label around. uncanny genius.
ian: anticon is tops.
eric: for true.
by e*rex April 8, 2004
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similar to the phrase "um." usually used as a pause between a statement.
ian: dude, do know what happened to my girl?
eric: noyeah, she went home with zachy.
by e*rex January 22, 2004
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1 -- A general purpose, polymorphicly typed, lazy functional programming language largely based on lambda calculus.

2 -- A constant source of frustration for those who have been brainwashed by the OO paradigm.
You: How do I write a 'while' loop with Haskell?
Me: You can't, freshman.
by e*rex October 26, 2005
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a slang term used to describe casual sex.
ian: i'm sad.

eric: maybe some hotpoon would cheer you up...
by e*rex January 11, 2004
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the crown jewel of the anticon label. probably one of the best MCs to ever grace a mic.
ian: what's a doseone?
eric: pure lushness.
by e*rex June 5, 2004
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ian: dude, i almost scored some hot poon last night.

eric: duderad.
by e*rex January 8, 2004
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ian: dude, remember that girl from my little brother's birthday party? i saw her flapjacket!

eric: i envy you, you're such a sexbeast.
by e*rex January 13, 2004
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