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Originally a term for hunter-gatherer groups in Kenya and Tansania, this term is commonly used among Filipinos to pertain to a person who swindles, takes advantage, fools, scams, robs, another person or persons while taking advantage of the trust given to him.
A person who gets money from his brother with a contract to build a fence around a swimming pool but never shows up and instead spends the money on gambling and to go home and splurge in the Philippines...is a DOROBO.

A person who invites his brothers to invest in real estate and business with a very intricate and detailed presentation only for them to find out that there was no such investment and that he has moved to another part of the country, threatening to file bankruptcy to avoid prosecution...he is a DOROBO.
by dorobo slayer May 27, 2009
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A term used to refer to a person who's become too obsessed with censorship. The word manoleng was derived from the name of a one time Philippine board of censor chairman Manoleng Morato who indiscriminately censored movies or sections of movies basically based on his whim.
The webmaster was so obsessed with the power entrusted to him and decided he can delete web postings based on his personal, often subjective, opinion. He is now referred to as manoleng.
by dorobo slayer May 26, 2009
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