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Term used to define the involuntary collection of a man's sperm, generally comitted by females who desire to have a child with a male with no such desire.
"Kitty was totally caught spermjacking George Senior, that bitch. She was worried that his new hair growth medication would render him sterile."
by Divisionbear June 22, 2009
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1. commonly known as the drug capital of the World, with a high crime rate and little local culture. It consists of three liquor stores, several convenience stores and incalculable bars. It is also where monster trucks are born.

2. Where your dealer lives.
"I had to go Canyon Lake, TX to pick up this dank, and not only is it not dank but rather dirt and leaves, while I was there someone stole my baby!"
by Divisionbear May 07, 2009
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to be addicted to masturbation, usually aided by such visual stimulation as pornography or ponies, or peonies.
"Man, Chris is such a crappy fucking guy, his lazy eye creeps me out and his fap happy tendencies leave me bothered and concerned."
by Divisionbear May 15, 2009
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a 1996 Chevy Lumina, tricked out to no end and capable of cruising hyperspace.
"Ready to hit the strip club? You know bitches holla when we roll up in Luminosity."
by Divisionbear May 07, 2009
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Slang term used to describe a high mileage, less than desirable vagina.
"Excuse me, madam. Despite our meeting showing initial promise, your beefcase has left me incapable of continuing. I take my leave. Good evening."
by Divisionbear August 23, 2009
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Always Hunt Wild Gnome - Term characterizing the belief that to truly to be enjoyed, Gnome must not be eaten in a rendered, processed or liquid form, but rather be caught wild and served in a variety of ways made popular by chefs specializing in Gnome-based delicacies. It is believed and even revered by hunters that the thrill of the hunt enhances flavor.
Disgusted hunter: "Hark! Is that Gnome you're..DRINKING? Why on Azeroth would you ever do such a wretched thing? Remember to always AHWS and you shall be enjoying the frenzied and robust flavor of the untamed Gnome until your own glorious end!"
by Divisionbear May 10, 2009
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Referring to a female who is attracted to beards.
"Jill has a Magdalene complex. If he looks like Jesus, she's all up on it like Communion wine."
by Divisionbear July 20, 2009
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