54 definition by dirty sanchez

Slack jawed, saggy titted, burger faced harridan. Easily detected by the trail of dribbled food and bin juice it leaves in its wake. Normally has a shopping trolley in its front garden.
We ALL know one of these, don't we?
by Dirty Sanchez May 01, 2003

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1. The answer to any question, especially a stupid or inappropriate one.

2. What it is that I fucked last night.
1- Q: Hey, what time is it?
A: Your mom's sweet asshole.

2- After your dad gave me head last night, i finished myself off when i fucked your mom's sweet asshole.
by dirty sanchez October 11, 2004

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The tasty salty treat that flows from the tip of the meat fountain.
Rock Hudson always took time to have a nutritional treat of boy butter.
by dirty sanchez July 01, 2003

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to make doodoo in the water tank of a toilet
That guy richie is a real dickhead, so I gave him the upper deck the other night at his keg party.
by dirty sanchez July 14, 2002

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The description of doing some heavy lifting on your penis after having a session of tough wanking and collecting some of the swet beneath it on the tip of your indexing finger and flipping it onto other peoples faces.
The bitch was arguing with me so I gave her a litle koelnisch wasser in the face. I didn't pay her...
by Dirty Sanchez June 29, 2004

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What you say when the man is razzin' you.
"hey aren't you that du-"


"hey punk"

"hey i thought i told yo-"
by dirty sanchez May 07, 2003

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To believe that a certain fact is true, only to discover later that the opposite is the case.
I was viewing the live Fantasy Football scoring on CBS sportsline last night and I was winning, then the next day I looked at the scoring again to discover I had been Orced and lost the game, Damnit Mogle!
by Dirty Sanchez October 22, 2003

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