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a place where you can buy a cup of coffee. in holland however, you can get your pot there. and like a proper shop they do have a menu...
i went to amsterdam and got some good weed there in the local coffee shop
by dikke dennis September 25, 2008

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a mythical being. when you wake up after a night out on the town, with bruizes you dont remember getting, no money in your wallet and a bad taste in your mouth, you have been visited by the beergorilla. because while you where sleeping he beats you up ( hence the bruises ), steals your money, and shits in your mouth.
"oh my god my arm are bruized, i got no money in my wallet, and i've got a taste in my mouth....blech..what the hell happend last night man?"

"ah, you've had a visit by the beergorilla"
by dikke dennis January 18, 2009

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when someone is in a fight and gets totaly beaten up, then he is nailed to the cross. also the same in a discussion. when you talk shit you'll get nailed to the cross ( like jezus )
the guy was talking shit about harry, and harry overheared it. he got nailed to the cross by the guy...
by dikke dennis January 15, 2009

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