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1. Québécois French expression meaning "square head", refering to the square-like shape of the heads of most Anglophones in Canada.

2. Some sort of pick-up drivin' inbred from Alberta who's wife is more manly than himself and who is convinced that Mario Lemieux was born in Manitoba and that the province of Quebec actually praises nazi-like doctrines, while being proud of the fact that his own province castrated the mentally ill in the 1930's.

3. An asshole from Ontario who spents most of his day in a Tim Hortons, while day-dreaming of the Queen's upcoming visit of the Province.

4. Another asshole from Ontario who heard all is life that the Quebecois were nothing but hysteric faggots, only to realize that it is not entirely true when he gets beaten senseless in a bar-brawl he started himself one night in Quebec City, because he didn't know how to drink beer that is more than 5% alc./vol.
1. Frog #1: "Hey have you seen Stephen Harper's head?"
Frog #2: "Yeah, I wish he'd always be near my couch while I'm watching the game: I sure could use his perfectly flat tête carrée to make sure that my beer won't spill..."

2. Tête carrée #1: "All Quebeckers are fucking faggots! We should let them quit Canada! It's our fucking country! We founded it in 1534 when our man Jake Carter first arrived on the coast of British Columbia! Read your fucking history books morons!"
Tête carrée #2: "Fuckin' right, eh! Wanna go downtown? There's a public hanging taking place by the Tim Hortons."
Tête carrée #1: "What is it for?"
Tête carrée #2: "Some dude stole cattle from his neighbor..."

3. "Awwww! The Queen! She's as pretty as Pierre Elliot Trudeau!"

4. Tête carrée: "You Quebeckers are nothing but FAGS! (Throws up his beer on the bar's floor)"
Québécois dude: "On va tellement t'en câlisser-une mon hostie d'tête carrée!"
by destroy000 April 14, 2010

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