4 definitions by delicious monster

He: I want to bazangle your chilouly
She: What did you say?
She: I feel sexually harassed, but maybe I wasn't
by delicious monster April 23, 2007
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shorthand for "I Know, Right", having entered the popular vernacular in the movie Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan
Oinky: she's such a dirty pirate hooker
MacGarnacle: IKR?
by delicious monster October 9, 2006
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I love you like a fat kid loves cake. From the mace song. he also wants you to be happy even if it's not with him.
chowda: g2g. love you
electrictiger: ILYLAFKLC. ciao
by delicious monster October 9, 2006
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not really actually close to done, and probably not done for a while.

sitting in an uncompleted state while other things- like checking one's facebook account, singing into one's hairbrush, dancing around one's bedroom, and dating other guys- get done.
jack: are you done yet?

jill: i'm almost done

(jack checks internet and sees jill responding to multiple comments about urbanddictionary week on facebook)

jack: :-/
by delicious monster February 3, 2010
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