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Aroob is a very kind and gentle girl she keeps all her feelings to her self she is very smart and caring and cares about her friends and family more than her self she gives good advice to people who are going through tough times and loves people too much she keeps all her pain inside and fakes a smile so others can be happy whoever dates or marries Aroob is a very luck person because she will take care of him/her and love him/her more than herself. Aroob is worth millions of dollars she is like a jewel if you get her you should keep her
Awwww I wish I was Aroob she is just so honest
by definition club December 05, 2018
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The most beautiful girl in the world but she can be a bitch sometimes and hurt others but sometimes she doesn’t mean it she loves everyone with all her heart but she also tells her best friends secrets to everyone she never says sorry and sticks to what she wants she acts all innocent but really she can be a little witch but still pretty tho and she steals everyone’s else’s best friends so people like me are left to sit alone at lunch still pretty
Yeah Millie took my best friend it’s fine tho cause she is pretty
by definition club February 14, 2019
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