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the best thing to come out of canada since, erm ahh ahem well anyway something for canadalavians to be proud of. still an actor watched more times by more people than tom cruise or arnie simply because of start trek which still rocks after 40 years.
william shatner got picked to sing the national anthem over celine dion.
oh can--a--da our home and native la-haha-and
by da original playa June 2, 2006
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too small and inoquous to even make a comment on.
boyo its fackin borin ere like, true ewan lets get out of wales lets go to llwachaheckawellangogogoch habour and get a boat to canada where its more intresting like.im tired of being the only gay in the village. yah im an actress im catherine zeta jones and im a good welsh girl from the valleys and not prissy at all, please no flash photography and no autographs.
by da original playa June 2, 2006
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