32 definition by da origanal playa

a filthy eastern european herion addict who breaks into someones house when the owners are on holiday and generally wreck the joint then claim to be refugees when the police are called and claim political asylum. 2 a person who has been made homeless at no fault of their own and break into decrepid houses in a bad state of disrepair that have been abandoned, then make the place inhabitable only to be forced out by the police and offered a hostel instead. 3 an american jew who's family has lived in the states for 200 years and tries to live in a bombshell of a house in the westbank when the israeli government has offered him a new house with fitted kitchen
fuckin squatters broke into my house and shit in the cupboards.
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006

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a country in the southern hemisphere thats built on the slaughter of the original inhabitants and prides itself on that fact. they worship a foreign monarch in england and use dollars as currency so a bit like canada, but 20 times more boring with twice as many assholes. the women are all skinny with big teeth and the blokes all have skin cancer. it has a thriving television industry with "neighbours" and "home and away" being two of their biggest exports enjoyed by many an old folk and prison inmate.they claim to be good drinkers, but basing your drinking standards by the english isn't a good yard stick. sportswise they have a good rugby team and a swimmer with big feet but they stink at football.and the worlds most famous "good aussie bloke" russel crowe is in fact a kiwi
in australia they hate immigrants.
by da origanal playa May 18, 2006

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getting bored with the ww2 veteran on a long haul flight? then just mention japanese, the bastards mouth will close up quicker than a nuns legs, usually followed by tears.
the japanese were called evil because of ww2, thousands of british service men who served their country sitting easy in japanese work camps cheered when the bomb dropped on hiroshima killing 200 thousand men women and children.
by da origanal playa June 04, 2006

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irish to be from ireland. to be irish you have 1: to be born in ireland 2: a roman catholic 3: be able to hold your drink 4:must be able to trace your family back in ireland by 2000 years. 5:hate prods. 6: have at least one nobel prize laureate in your family 7: hate prods 8:hate the english 9:dance really badly 10: shagged at least 3 british girls in a year preferably up the arse 11: start a row in an empty room. 12:hate prods. 13:hate everyone else.14:must eat bacon everyday.15: shagged at least 50 prod girls in the mouth. 16: celebrate st paddys day everyday.
hello im irish, kiss me im irish, fuck me im irish, fuck off your irish,im irish an im gonna kick your fuckin door in drink all your beer shag your wife sister and granny at the same time, then wipe me cock on your curtains before pissin off to the pub for a refresher. ireland for the irish, prods out!
by da origanal playa May 18, 2006

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