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a team that goes in to a location and kills anything still breathing hence "sweeper " that sweeps up after the job or mission is finished
they were ona sweeper team that was fast skilled effective and clean
by coupestang65 November 13, 2016

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the middle of nowhere also known as bumble fuck
here we are right smack dab in bumfuck
by coupestang65 November 02, 2018

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the line "doc" says to Romeo (clifton collins jr.) in "the boondock saints 2 all saints day" all saints day when they are first meeting each other in the bar as conner introduces them each other
hello nice yo meet you my name's Romeo good to meet you they call me fuck ass !
via giphy
by coupestang65 February 24, 2019

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a groupof hooity toity people who think they are better than the people they are around
jeez they are such a clique of know it alls that #clique is..
by coupestang65 October 04, 2018

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the enemies of the nibblonians who hate them
that nibblonisn hates that brainspawn
by coupestang65 September 16, 2017

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a large group of islands in a large body of water such as the state of Hawaii in the pacific ocean
hey did you hear about the earthquake in the Hawaiian archipelligo
by coupestang65 August 28, 2017

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a womans vaginia
I love it when you call me poonani
by coupestang65 March 31, 2019

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