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a psyhcological state where you feel like shit, sometimes it's not much, other times you just want to die, anything can trigger depression in some people, me being one of them
"Chris got so depressed that he blew his brains out to stop the pain"
by cough* December 01, 2004

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an ass of the goddesses, it is firm but yet soft to the touch, it makes any man's dick stand up as the grab it firmly, you will never want to touch any other ass if you ever get a chance to touch this one
"I touched Kat's ass the holy grail of asses"

"Dude after touching Kat's ass I'm never going to wash my hand again
by cough* November 17, 2004

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very hot chicks, I mean they get so hot to the point where you cum on as soon as you see them, all black seems to make me horny for some reason, and when their makeup is running like they've been crying really turns some men on including me, they are my prefence in girls, they are also interested in violent things and hardcore shit, so that makes them even hotter
"When a girl walks in looking pale and wearing all black my dick just stands up"
by cough* December 17, 2004

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a word that, if you're good enough, your girl will be screaming over and over again in bed
"dude, when I was screwing your sister last night she was screaming give me more, over and over again"
by cough* November 29, 2004

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my favorite and one of the most recent songs of Slayer. This song is unlike most of their songs which deal with killing people and satan, but this one does relate to reliegon dealing with the seven fatal sins and how people change throught out their lives. So I can actually relate to this song which is very rare when it comes to Slayer because I don't not go around killing people and worshipping satan :P
Exert from "Seven Faces":

"My life came with it’s own scars
I don’t need you to tell me about your sorrow
I can’t say I’ve seen it all
But I live for the things that keep me hollow

Everyday I look into the mirror
Staring back I look less familiar
I’ve seen all seven faces
Each one looks a lot like me"
by cough* December 21, 2004

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A song that Slayer has produced that expresses my true feelings about my father, my interpretation of this song is about the pure hatred you have for one thing, though you have others you want to exile that one problem from the others and deal with it so that the problem will finally go away, this another Slayer song that I can relate to, and I did the same in my life I exiled my problem with my father and now everything is better
Exert from "Exile":

"You self-righteous fuck
Give me a reason not to rip your fucking face off
Why don’t you take a good look in these eyes
Cause I’m the one that’s gonna tear your fucking heart out
My hate is contagious; you’ve got no one to run to
by cough* December 21, 2004

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a word I just made up........
"Hey dude I just found out I have realtraitiousphensaitious"

2nd person: "What's that?"

1st person: "I don't know, some dumbass made the word up"

cough*: okay this definition was stupid......
by cough* December 02, 2004

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