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christians are believers of a faith based on little more than a 2000 year-old book that could have been written by anyone. christians believe in such scientifically impossible items/events as a virgin birth, a talking snake and a tale about a man surviving 3 days inside a fish. their religion has very little pull in reality and frankly makes little sense.

most christians are a hypocritical bunch and love to pass judgement on others even though such an act is condemned by their 'bible'. an easy example of this is their annoying tendancy to meddle in other people's sexuality when it has no effect on themselves.

christians believe that a being they call 'god' resides up in the sky and when you die, if you repent and blah blah blah you be accepted into the kindgom of heaven. if you are a sinner and do not accept christ, you are damned to 'hell' which is described as a lake of fire.

christianity, like many other religious sects or cults practises the always humble act of genocide and are more than happy to kill you because your religion doesn't match theirs. too bad christianity is just the numberless draft of the exact same story, used for the basis of almost every other religion.
(1) man: i was born gay and have finally found the courage to be honest with myself.

christian: you filthy fag, rot in hell.

(2) christian: you are a terrible person for not believing in the lord, he will smite you and such.

girl: that's funny 'cause it says right here in the bible when you judge others, you condemn yourself. enjoy 'hell'. lol.
by concerned for human kind's iq August 30, 2009

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