1 definition by cies’s hubby

1. raito’s wifey
2. A girl who is hotter than the flames of hell. She is the most gorgeous girl EVER. Everything about her is perfect even though she doesn't think it. She is the cuties and sweeties and an amazing person to be around.

She is 100% precious to raito. I love her with all that i am. She is beyond the shadow of a doubt the greatest blessing God has ever bestowed upon me, and getting to know her has been amazing. I look forward to every second that i get to spend with her.
Her name is unique, and so is she. If you have this girl in your life you're lucky and you don't want to lose her.
A: Hey, how to spell ‘cies‘?
B: It’s r-a-i-t-o-s-w-i-f-e-y.
by cies’s hubby November 22, 2021
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