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The act of two persons using their mouths to perform sexual intercourse.

These two persons can be of the same or opposite sex but they are rarely a married couple.
i got a little piece of heaven last night when i got some sweet oral sex
by Cheerleader Fucker August 25, 2004

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A slang term for a womans vagina.

Coochie is a nice sounding word used when being frisky with your girlfriend.

It sounds better to say,"I want to play with your coochie" than to say "I want your cunt"
She told me I could have some coochie if I bought her dinner.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 25, 2004

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A female sexual toy cleverly disguised as a vegetable.

Most bag clerks at the grocery stores look at the women purchasing these and guess whether this chick is on a diet or if this thing is going where many men have gone before.

Trust me, when a bagger sees a 300 pound woman buying a cucumber,he knows she isnt on a diet!

He almost feels sorry for the torture the little green veggie will be suffering.
The bagger knew the cucumber was in for a bad night, so he "accidentally" left it out of the bag.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 26, 2004

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The act of three people having sex simultaneously.

A fantasy for most men because it is NEVER going to happen.

If it did,they probably would be left out because the two girls would forget he was there.
Forget the threesome. It is the male equivolent of Big Foot.

You have heard about it, seen madeup footage of it, but it does not exist in the real world.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 25, 2004

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A rich unattached man who is a magnet for girls. Sometimes because of his looks and money but mostly for his money.

This guy usually is off to his next adventure with the latest squeeze on his arm.

He is carefree and will get more pussy in a month than you will see in a lifetime of Playboy magazines.

He is despised by men who dont have money or looks.

He is the male version of a whore.
He has a reputation as a playboy.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 25, 2004

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A girl who makes you think you are getting but knows you arent.

A girl who will show you the window dressing but wont let you in the store!

Similar to a bitch but even less willing although might be friendlier.
I dated a girl who wanted to go skinny dipping but didnt want to have sex.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 25, 2004

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1. A piece of furniture for holing televsions,stereos,etc.

2. A womans vagina. Also known as her pussy. Actually the best part of a woman.
She bent over to reveal she wasnt wering panties. I saw her entertainment center was clean shaven.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 24, 2004

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